Company Profile

KCS AS is an Istanbul-based, privately owned Healthcare Consultancy Company dedicated to improving the physical and mental well-being of people by Evidence Based Planning of their environment. Our Company has a long-standing reputation for service-oriented planning and design. In our multi-disciplinary, team based operation, talented group of equipment planners, interior architects, work flow engineers, quality management and improvement professionals, project managers, and technologists work together to create innovative and integrated solutions for our clients. Our wide range of clients includes investors, architects, design-build firms, and project management groups.

KCS AS is a newly established company founded on over 28 years of collective experience of its team experts. Our consulting services include the whole spectrum of the hospital planning, design and management process, from project inception to project completion. Core services include project research and feasibility studies, medical architecture planning of healthcare facilities, and medical equipment planning, specifications, tender bid analysis, procurement management, supervision over installation, testing and commissioning, as well as IT solutions and management activities.

In addition to medical planning, KCS can deliver turnkey project services comprising all other engineering disciplines including structural, architectural, and electromechanical works through its multidisciplinary network of associates.

These services are standalone or can be combined to provide complete planning. Our work consists primarily of health care and corporate projects.

Our services cover both new projects as well as existing hospitals. Some of our more recent projects are featured on our web site. Please take a minute to look at each one to understand the diversity in our planning and design services.

We are proud of and stand behind each of our completed projects and build longstanding relationships with our respective clients.

We appreciate your visiting our Web Site and invite you to contact us. We will be happy to discuss your hospital planning and/or design needs and provide additional information that will be helpful in early project planning

Healthcare Facility Design

Before your project can get off to a proper start, you will need to address a broad range of design issues. Here, too, KCS AS expertise is at your service. If you don’t have the facilities in house, our team of consultants will be happy to guide you through the different planning and design steps – no matter where, no matter how complex.As always with KCS AS, our services, advice and briefings are available item-by-item, or as a comprehensive package – whatever your specific needs dictate. Please feel free to consult us on any of the following services:

  • Preliminary Studies
  • Preliminary Design
  • Constructional, Mechanical & Electrical Design
  • Medical Equipment Planning
  • Design Co-ordination & Tender Evaluation


Preliminary Studies:

Naturally, you want your hospital project or healthcare programme to achieve the best possible results. This is partly a question of good planning. But it’s also a question of basing your plans on the correct assumptions. This is where KCS AS’s expertise can be invaluable. Consulting with you closely at all times, we can help you perform crucial studies at five interlinked levels:

  • Healthcare Systems Planning

To ensure that your new healthcare programme will be as effective as possible, KCS AS can evaluate the healthcare needs of the population you wish to serve, taking full account of all relevant healthcare problems.

  • Feasibility Studies

Once you have established your specific healthcare system needs KCS AS can help you conduct detailed feasibility studies. With regard to patients and doctors, or time from capital investment to break-even or profit. Or with regard to options for funding.

  • Functional & Space Programmes

In the functional programme, you establish the nature and scope of the units you require – for example, cardiology units or maternity facilities. This is another area in which our specialized advice can prove to be invaluable. We can determine the operational definitions not only of individual units, but also of the overall coherence of the units as a whole. This will generate vital criteria for architectural and engineering design work.The next step is to formulate your space programme. Here, we outline all the areas to which an operational function has been assigned. We use workload projections and capacity calculations to determine how much space is required for each activity. This provides the architect and equipment planner with vital design information.

  • Architectural & Engineering Design Brief

By definition, your healthcare programme aims to provide patients and medical staff with appropriate facilities. Without clear guidelines, however, your architects and engineers won’t be able to provide them. Proper guidelines can also do much to determine the eventual investment budget.

  • Financial Plan

It goes without saying that budgets are essential to healthcare programmes. We can calculate the investment budget your project will need – for construction, equipment and project management.


Preliminary Design:

In this design phase we translate the terms of the architectural and engineering brief into drawings that detail the physical layout of the relevant healthcare facility. This process is based on the functional and space programme, and covers the full range of design criteria – from patient and staff comfort, through medical equipment, to cleaning and maintenance.


Constructional, Mechanical & Electrical Design:

We devote full attention to specific constructional requirements, such as the optimal construction grid, floor strength, corridors and door openings, elevators, and lead screening.The mechanical design incorporates all essential services such as water supply, drainage, ventilation, air-treatment and conditioning, and fire-fighting systems. The electrical design includes high and low voltage systems, emergency power supplies, lighting, telephone and paging systems. We offer a wide choice of services with regard to all these systems, ranging all the way from the design phase to operator training after installation has been completed.


Medical Equipment Planning:

The selection of medical equipment has an impact on the design at four different levels: architectural, constructional, mechanical and electrical. This is why we give it specialist consideration in the earliest phases of a project.


Design coordination & Tender Evaluation:

Procurement & Supply

Medical Equipment:

The selection and purchase of hospital equipment and supplies can be an extremely complex affair. That’s why there are advantages in asking KCS AS to deliver the complete inventory in a turnkey project. Such a “single supplier” agreement not only enables you to obtain all the equipment specified in the final design at competitive prices, it can also be extremely efficient.Alternatively, we will be equally pleased to assist you in negotiating individual procurement agreements.

Hi-Tech Products:

At KCS AS, we’ve built up a unique and extensive databank that gives us an unrivalled overview of the hospital equipment that is currently available worldwide. In other words, we can find you exactly the equipment you need. And the advantages don’t stop there: our price/quality analyses guarantee that you’ll get the best possible equipment at the best possible price.

Appliances, Furniture, Fixtures & Consumables:

Your project will also need a wide range of other equipment – for laboratories, pharmacies, kitchens and laundry equipment, to name just four. Whatever you need, KCS AS can make sure it is supplied direct. And we can also advise you on your choice of consumables (e.g. reagents and prosthetic materials), and simultaneously set up the structures for their scheduled deliveries.

Communication Systems:

These days, operational efficiency depends more and more on automation. Just think of patient registration, diagnostic and treatment records, and interdepartmental data transfer – not to mention local area networks and patient invoicing! We have considerable experience in this field and are happy to put it at your disposal.

Commissioning & Training

We can help you round off construction and installation by bringing your equipment on stream. We then explain how our training services can lay the basis for optimal long-term performance.

Commissioning New Equipment

Once installation is complete, KCS AS can arrange for the functional testing of all equipment, and thereby ensure that it operates according to the manufacturers’ specifications. Responsibility for the equipment will be transferred to hospital management only when this testing is complete.

Establishing New Biomedical Department

When all the building and installation work has finished, all the equipment has been properly commissioned, and your various training programmes have been set up, routine operation of your healthcare facility can finally begin – marking the end of an old process and the beginning of a new one. Preparing inventory list and scheduling calibration and maintenance programmes are most important part of medical device managingYour need to train staff for service and maintenance duties will depend largely on the levels of service and maintenance they are expected to carry out. Here, too, we can help you arrange training on-site, or in-depth service and maintenance courses at the manufacturers.

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